Tuesday, May 20, 2008

helpin' a brother out

i'm not allowed to plan my own wedding until i'm engaged, but my dear brother is and is yet to pick a favor. so research i did, to keep my idle hands busy and it’s fun to keep looking at favors and frocks and flowers when one has no reason to buy them.

requirements: tasty, tasty, and tasty.

tea & honey

both from tea-n-honey.

Delicious aaaaaaaand adorable!

ugly truffles
cute as a button drops

i've been salivating over these folks all afternoon.

according to my extensive research. Paulette's is supposed to be the best bet in LA.

Salted Caramels
sweet n' salty n' buttery too. from das foods. The salt caramel collection includes Café Cortado, Chai Latte, Chocolate & Walnut, Classic (Lavender), Ginger & Pistachio, Lemon & Honey and Orange & Honey.

or along similar lines, toffee. from these folks.

Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies

from emily's. the box sure isn't something to write home about, but a nice fancy ribbon would snaz it up. plus it's uber cheap.



because we all looooooove brownies. image from designsponge.

or you can just go for straight classy...


ucla99 said...

thanks for the ideas. i haven't had macaroons from paulette's yet, only boule and la provance in LA. so far boule has the best.
-the dear brother

turboladen said...

I think you're gonna make me fat. You're too good with all things related to food.