Thursday, July 31, 2008


in an effort to combat my lack of upper body strength (and because i like bandwagons which make me move) i've decided to start the one hundred pushups program. wha! you say. she doesn't do pushups! that's true, but that's all about to change. supposedly, this will whip my limp noodles into Jean-Claude worthy beasts.

I first learned about this through blogger kate and she's got a rooster of folks in for the challenge. so far, jtehee is already on board and turboladen is playing hard to get...

guess who popped into my dreams last night...

Friday, July 25, 2008

sorry i've been absent...

but i've got some visual gems for you! from my favorite blog.

how to look good dancing...sneak grind!

the pool cleaners worst nightmare

get out of that van...and into my heart

write your own caption...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ruh roh.

looks as though LC better watch her ass.

Heidi and Spencer Get Their Hands on Guns

Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend update

what a trying weekend. a good one, but man...

it included
+ hanging out with the two best boys ever. mr. simon and mr. marcus. pictures will follow, but i was a loser who forgot my camera, so i'll have to wait until sister sends me some.
+ going through boxes and boxes of family photos
- scanning 500 + photos. finger is in retirement until next weekend when fun will continue with a kazillion more.

here are some highlights of said pictures!

and my all time favorite.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

take me to my seat!

another wedding post for the brother. mostly because it's easier to post then email ideas and pictures and i'm that kind of lazy.

so todays subject is seating arrangements! we have four popular options...
  1. Free for all - Don't do it! Trust me, I've had some super weird experiences when left to our own devices. Guest are glad for the company because it can be isolating to be an out of town guest! Seating arrangements can be an arduous task, but guests are always appreciative of a thoughtful, considerate seating chart.
  2. An Escort Card - Escorts the guest to their table. Most frequently used and has lotsa possibilities.
  3. A Place Card - Places the guest in a seat at the table. You have to do that awkward walk around the table, bend over sideways, trying to read what the tiny letters say. And then years later find your seat.
  4. Seating Chart - Probably the easiest and can be done at the last minute. The only qualm is Would all of the guests actually see the board? Should you have more than one? Where would you put it?
here are some images i'm particularly fond of that i think will fit the aaron and susan wedding...

IMG_4852 copy

All of these options could be put together beforehand and then once the seating arrangement is done the actual table number can be filled out.

This seating chart option is my favorite due to it's simplicity. Purchase the frames in advance and then simply print them up before the wedding and place a few around the cocktail site. Easy!

And then of course table numbers! All of which can be gocco'd.

heat stroke.

Fresno summer's totally sneak up on you. Remember when it was like 85 only two weeks ago. now it's a god-awful 110...there are fire's raising up all over the state, i've developed my first sign of asthma and i'm cranky all the time. i grew up here, yet i'm shocked ever damn year. take a gander at this gastly sight

from the f. bee

but what makes it feel so disgusting is the air quality:
County Observed:
Updated Forecast for:
Forecast for:
Fresno 161 Unhealthy (O3) 201 Very Unhealthy (O3) 201 Very Unhealthy (O3)

  • "Unhealthy" Everyone may begin to experience health effects when AQI values are between 151 and 200. Members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.

  • "Very Unhealthy" AQI values between 201 and 300 trigger a health alert, meaning everyone may experience more serious health effects.

It's making living pretty darn crappy. Adding to my misery is the fact that my job requires me to wear clothes. My internship even requires me to wear extra. Pants and tennis shoes in particular. Adding insult to injury, I often have to wear a reflective vest, a la...

(thankfully they don't require me to do my hair like that) those mother's don't exactly breath. it's misssssserable. but i guess it beats getting run over by forklifts.

but, on a positive note! i went and visited my favorite frenchies today for lunch and am currently scarfing down the only sandwich i deem edible. oh, and an iced latte, which according to them is more like milk with a splash of espresso. not complaining, just sayin...

someone wake me up when it's october.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

who ever said the c.v. doesn't offer beautiful backdrops for weddings, i'm officially begging to differ. check out this gorgeous photo that came to me via my sister. her oldest bestest friend recently got married on their family's cattle ranch up in the hills. so beautiful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

drive by posting

Posting without a purpose! So, I will show you what has kept me excited today.

Crostata di mirtilli, the Italians take on blueberry pie. Doesn't it look like heaven? Currently searching for a recipe that isn't in italian so i can make this for the big 4th celebration.

This picture made me smile and smile. This party would be magical at night. Someone please invite me.

This fine little collection of milk glass is part of a project my aunt and i are starting to work on. super secretness. when she sent a picture of what she's collected so far i accidentally let out the squeal of a four year old.

and finally on to the saddest part of my day/life. This amaaaaaazongly gorgeous dress was almost mine until i was struck by frugality. Plus, I couldn't figure out any place to wear a ballgown...Then upon boyfriends encouragement I went to purchase said gown and it was sold out. f!
Original Price
Gilt Price