Monday, May 5, 2008

sorry i missed your party

sleepy this monday morning? treat yourself to this total gem of a blog which shows photos of people's parties found on Flickr.

here are some highlights.The caption says, "This pretty much confirms my worst fear--that when I'm dancing, someone is standing right behind me, cackling with laughter over what a lame white person I am."

"School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL Library. Christmas party in December 2007." That dude is not psyched.
God, I hope this is an air record scratch move he's doing. I'd be really disappointed if it was only an errantly cocked hand that was just caught a random moment mid-shimmy.
When a yuppie shows up to your party with a six-pack of microbrew, a good prank to play on him is to spray his ecru J. Crew blazer with silly string.

Just make sure not to get too much on his Razr phone, or next time he won't bring the beer.

I have an idea where this party is going to end: the intersection of Regretsville Street and Maturity Ave. This photo looks relatively normal at first until you notice something extra weird. (Hint: It's the girl's leg!)

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