Sunday, May 11, 2008

weekend wraaaapup

bioethics stole 6763 of my words. no words are left for actual post so now will resort to +/- list a la s.hunter

+ said 6763 words that were written on saturday. actually accomplished something that isn't toootal crap.
- only left my house once this weekend
+ one excursion was to get much needed haircut with my favorite manoug.
+ boyfriend brought flowers, cereal, and joe joe's to help the studying effort!
- have been moving at a snails pace today.
+/- 3.5 more days of the semester!

what a boring ass list.

big - am now officially addicted to ebay. as a certain someone's maid of honor i feel it is my moral duty to find them the perfect shoe to wear on their wedding day. i feel this shoe must be satin and preferably blue or green. also without a heel, as the wedding will be taking place on grass and nothing is more annoying than heels on grass. who knew that all such shoes would disappear off the planet as soon as this person got engaged! apparently they all "fell off a truck" and ended up on ebay because it's a treasure trove of jcrew satin flats for 20% of the original price. oh ebay is dangerous!

so are joe joe's and veronica mars.

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