Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the wind express

what i've learned from my week at home. don't get excited.

- when you sit next to your computer for 5 days straight ebay sucks you in. suuuuucks you in.

- pretty sure frank thinks someone has handcuffed me to my chair. the looks of shame are increasing.

- i've had two dreams about catching the "wind express" this week. what's the wind express you ask?? well, the wind express is something that i discovered when you catch the wind just right will lift you up and carry you magically to your destination. like flying, but requires a little bit of work. usually some sweating is involved. correlates to staying at home? i think so. (p.s. i was also wearing my new j.crew yellow mary jane satin heels. quite stylish for the wind express.)

- also. in these "wind express" dreams i've worked with lee in a job ala lauren and whit. both times i arrived exasperated from my adventure. sans wallet and lee had to buy me lunch. i think we should forgo our fancy jobs and seek new ones. who am i kidding. we don't have fancy jobs.

- d.v. guy apparently doesn't work anymore. or at least has a veeery lose schedule. and has now given up hopes of finding a lady in exchange for wearing bright blue basketball shoes every day. at least is dillegent about picking up after his dog, which makes me feel fuzzy.

- it's easy to forget to shower. to eat. and to stop talking to your cat like he's human.

- when you do shower, the water is much hotter during the middle of the day.

- i now understand why the real housewives of o.c. are so catty. i'm pretty sure if someone knocked on my door talking about how the cat in apt. 113 looked crossly at the cat in apt 117 i'd ask them to come in and give them a fresca.

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