Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh, hai.

i've been a bad imaginary blogger. life is hectic. made even more hectic with me agreeing to take on a another project/jobby job. so that's three, but only one full time and two part time. and one of those is on my own time and totally fun. so nothing to complain about except for the loss of freetime, but who needs that...

things i have been lusting over as of latelittle people clothes from phillip lim that i would totally wear. also wishing i was a super cute 3 foot tall asian girl.

bff necklace. i'd love this. give to my bff's. only wish it didn't cost me all of my pennies. maybe i'll ask for the one i gave jenny r. in the 3rd grade back.

and finally the awesomness of awesome. marimekko has designed four season's of lummimarja fabric. if i had a million dollars i'd change my curtains to match the weather.

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