Wednesday, July 2, 2008

drive by posting

Posting without a purpose! So, I will show you what has kept me excited today.

Crostata di mirtilli, the Italians take on blueberry pie. Doesn't it look like heaven? Currently searching for a recipe that isn't in italian so i can make this for the big 4th celebration.

This picture made me smile and smile. This party would be magical at night. Someone please invite me.

This fine little collection of milk glass is part of a project my aunt and i are starting to work on. super secretness. when she sent a picture of what she's collected so far i accidentally let out the squeal of a four year old.

and finally on to the saddest part of my day/life. This amaaaaaazongly gorgeous dress was almost mine until i was struck by frugality. Plus, I couldn't figure out any place to wear a ballgown...Then upon boyfriends encouragement I went to purchase said gown and it was sold out. f!
Original Price
Gilt Price

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