Thursday, October 2, 2008

oh howdy hum week.

it's been a funny couple of days. teeter-tottering between getting sick, wanting to buy massive amounts of fluffy dresses (oh how you taunt me j.crew) and the strangest night terrors. did i say night terrors!?!? i sure did. i woke up in the middle of the night with heart racing standing looking out of my balcony wrapped in all of my bedding. fitted sheet included and no idea how i got there! don't know what's going on but hopefully this weekends trip to the bay area, wine and some yoga will put things back in order.

but on a sane note. here are some things that have keep the week perspective:
  • i'm sure you've all seen it, but here is the latest snl palin skit just gives me fits of giggles.
  • ellie over at the "lucky nest" gives us some awesome linky links of the "adorable" gov.
  • this homeless man has it so much harder than you.
via paige who is guest blogging here
  • The Hills has been pretty ho hum this season, but this weeks episode was pretty awesome. I was too swamped (read lazy) to do a recap, but paige does it best so ready away!
  • and the best thing that happened this week was my excessive use of! here are some gems of boyfriend and me.

tonight i actually get to letterpress! i am so excited it's like christmas!


Rebek said...

Don't know if your trip to the Bay includes SF but if you guys want to eat the most delicious pasta of all of mankind go to a little place on Fillmore called SPQR. I kid you not, they have the best food ever. You will not be disappointed. And the prices and super good, too! And it's awfully convenient that Marc by Marc Jacobs and Paper Source are right by SPQR. But the bummer is they don't take reservations. All the reason to do a little shopping on the side. Or sit in the wine bar. Oh, and for dessert, go to Citizen Cake on Gough. Seriously inspired dessert options.

atout said...

sadly this will be mostly an up-and-backer to see sigur ros. BUT this place is totally on the list of things we must do in the future. And paper source! boyfriend lurvs it when i get to play in paper source for an hour!