Wednesday, March 25, 2009

where the wild things are

Thanks to H.Mac, I've now watched the preview at least 5 times.

It was my very favorite book growing up and I am beyond excited for this movie.


biz said...

That looks amazing! I couldn't watch the trailer you posted but I found one on youtube, not sure if it was the same or not, but I do believe Arcade Fire was playing... that's always a good sign for me, when the music is my kinda musica. How did they find a Max that looks like the Max in the book?!

yesandofcourse said...

it's so weird, it was everyone's favorite book as a kid. or at least all the kids of our generation. you, me, brianna, christy, and ugh, kurt, all say it's their favorite. it is a good one.

the trailer actually gives me goosebumps.