Wednesday, July 9, 2008

take me to my seat!

another wedding post for the brother. mostly because it's easier to post then email ideas and pictures and i'm that kind of lazy.

so todays subject is seating arrangements! we have four popular options...
  1. Free for all - Don't do it! Trust me, I've had some super weird experiences when left to our own devices. Guest are glad for the company because it can be isolating to be an out of town guest! Seating arrangements can be an arduous task, but guests are always appreciative of a thoughtful, considerate seating chart.
  2. An Escort Card - Escorts the guest to their table. Most frequently used and has lotsa possibilities.
  3. A Place Card - Places the guest in a seat at the table. You have to do that awkward walk around the table, bend over sideways, trying to read what the tiny letters say. And then years later find your seat.
  4. Seating Chart - Probably the easiest and can be done at the last minute. The only qualm is Would all of the guests actually see the board? Should you have more than one? Where would you put it?
here are some images i'm particularly fond of that i think will fit the aaron and susan wedding...

IMG_4852 copy

All of these options could be put together beforehand and then once the seating arrangement is done the actual table number can be filled out.

This seating chart option is my favorite due to it's simplicity. Purchase the frames in advance and then simply print them up before the wedding and place a few around the cocktail site. Easy!

And then of course table numbers! All of which can be gocco'd.

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